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Forsythe's Saga - Imp USA

Saga has matured significantly since first arriving, and is now an elegant, rich dark brown boy with dark eyes and pigment.

The Royal Canin diet has certainly been in no small part responsible for the development of his glossy coat.

Saga is laid back in a crowd but springs to life at the sight of his Kong - or a butterfly!  He is exhibiting tremendous drive in retrieving trials, but has had significant difficulties with his brake linings!

Saga used to accompany me to school, and was a welcome addition to the classroom.  I had to keep an eye on him at recess and luchtimes though because he likes to help out with cleaning up the yard! - a true Labrador!

Saga has only been shown lightly, but we were delighted with his win in the Open Dog class at the Adelaide Royal Show, and his eventual Reserve Challenge award in 06.  Despite a broken toe on one of his hind legs, Saga managed a worthy 3rd place in the Open class in '07 - thanks to the introduction of cabanos for bait and Mari and Symore pushing him from behind. At the  2008 Royal Show, Saga impressed almost all with a Dog Challenge win in a highly fancied field.

Saga does not carry yellow, but he has produced some beautiful black and chocolate puppies., with wins at the Sydney Royal and A NSW Lab Club Specialty.  A grandson, Cavajal Scorcher, recently won a 25 point Best of Breed under an international judge at merely 7 months! 

Saga has been instrumental in the establishment of a pilot programme called Lab Corps.  This is an initiative of positive anticipation for youth at risk and on the autism spectrum utilizing the many and varied skills of the Labrador Retriever.

Saga has demonstrated amazing patience and calmness when introduced to young people with disabilities.  He has been pushed, pulled and prodded and had fingers up his nose - with no reaction.  He is our star "Braking" dog demonstrator with autistic youngsters who take off unexpectedly.  The cuddles Saga gives to young people are really appreciated.

Saga is now retired from the show ring and lives the life of Riley with Ross - playing tennis and doing the gardening, and "holding" the ladder to help Ross with the painting.

Saga returned to the show ring with a vengence, winning the Veteran class at the SA Lab Club Specialty, handled very well by Jazz - much to Ross's delight!  Ross is yet to let Saga know that he won however - worried that he may get a big head!

Saga is still being used at stud, and enjoys the "work".  He consistley produces quality puppies. - the latest litter is to Cavajal Just an old fashioned girl (Flirt)


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