Cavajal Labrador Retrievers

At the beach & retrieving

Some of the Cavajal crew - and friends - met recently near Glenelg beach and had an absolute ball!

All up we had 18 dogs frolicking in the sand and surf.

5 of the Labs were entire males and 7 entire females and we had nothing but positive interaction amongst them all.

Any other dogs wandering along the beach were at times acknowledged, but they didn't detract from the core business of cavorting in the surf!


Cavajal Labs simply adore getting outdoors and bush bashing. Retrieving is something that comes naturally, and one of these days we might engage in serious training.  Right now it is recreational and it's a blast!
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Honey and Robbie at Semaphore with Ginger's Auntie Cathy - from Hawaii!!
Tour guides, Honey and Robbie with extended Hawaian family!
Chasing the green dummy
14 Labs at heel!
Beach Cricket - Cavajal Style
Trinity Surfing
Beach Soccer
Racing out
Dummy Relay
Saga & Kit
Zeus and Buck
Yellows outgoing
Yellows incoming
Kit (Cavajal Eartha) exhibiting (rare) steadiness at the pegs
5 year old Stormy racing back to deliver
Rigger, Indus and Bella all from the same litter all keen to retrieve.
Bella and Rigger - litter brother and sister - sharing success.


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